White Papers

ChiTAG White Papers are educational papers written by the thought leaders in the Toy and Game Industry. Access to them is included with your paid registration.


The Next Step by John Bell
Don't Get Married by Peggy Brown
A View from the Other Side by Rob Daviau
Mining for Gold in Brand Extensions by Garry Donner and Michael Steer
Rules Template for Product Designs by Michael Gray
How to Break Inventor's Block by Tom Greenawalt
I Have The Next Big Thing! by Mike Hirtle
Inventing or Innovating by Craig Malmloff
Statistical Modeling of Game Play by David Peterson
Play Testing by Mary Jo Reutter
A Priceless Perspective by Phil Sage
Good Game Design by Leslie Scott
Girls Games/Girls Products by Barrie Simpson
Evolve or Die by Brian Torney
Prototyping with Clay by Leviticus Williamson
Games are like Stories by Jeff and Mindy Glickman


What to Do While You Pitch The Next Big Thing by Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau
Think of your toy game as a commercial by Joe and Dave Herbert
Perfect Pitch by Amy Opheim
The 5 Ws and 1 H of Inventor Pitch Sheets with Template by Tanya Thompson
Do's and Don'ts for New Inventors by Lisa Wuennemann


What's Your Story by Tim Walsh
Creative Analog Play in the Digital Age World by Tremendous Toys LLC


IP In Toyland by Adam Brookman and Keith Baxter

Social Media

Using Social Media Thinking to Advance Board Game Mechanics by Anna van Slee
Inventors and Social Media by Kim Vandenbroucke


An Introduction to International Opportunities by Richard Gill
Korean Board Game Market by Kevin Kim
Recombination Innovation From Taiwan by Alex Li


My 3 Cents! by Joyce Johnson
Crazy Fun Luck by Susan McKinley Ross
Things We Have Learned Along the Way by Jon Meyers and Dean Tzembelikos
Two-Headed Invention by Steffanie Yeakle and Marie Chaplet
Opportunity Knocks by David Fox (Winner Games LLC)