New Inventors Track

Pitch Your Ideas to Toy & Game Executives

November 17-18, 2016


Meet face to face with toy and game company execs from all over the world and pitch your ideas. Learn how to develop products and pitch them effectively. Learn the ins and outs of licensing, self publishing, social media marketing, and more straight from the pros! Includes tickets to exclusive Toy & Game Innovation Awards, PlayCHIC and D4 Networking Night.

In our 10th year, formerly known as T&GCon, this is a forum for advocating, educating and bringing together people in the toy and game industry; with unrivaled opportunities for private/confidential meetings, knowledge sharing, learning about new trends, pooling resources and generating new business. 

Space is limited!

2016 Keynotes


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2015 Speakers

The 2015 T&GCon Show Program Book

The 2015 T&GCon Show Program Book

Who should attend?

T&GCon is for anyone in the world who wishes to do business with the toy and game industry, whether from the U.S. or abroad. 

  • New and established Inventors, Designers and Authors
  • Inventor Relations Executives
  • Licensing Agents
  • Mobile-Based Gaming Developers
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers / Manufacturer Reps
  • Wholesalers / Distributors
  • Marketing and PR Representatives
  • Consultants from related professional services fields such as Printing, Graphic Design, Attorneys, and Toy Testing 

New to the Industry

You've created the 'next big' toy or game idea - Congratulations! Now turn your idea into reality. This is your opportunity to present your ideas directly to top toy and game experts and inventor relations executives for licensing and/or for advice on moving forward with design, manufacturing, outsourcing, packaging, distribution and marketing. We have assembled the most knowledgeable experts in the toy and game industry to give you advice and feedback. This is the one time in the year that many of these inventor relations executives will look at outside submissions from inventors who are not represented by agents.  

Established Professionals

Come to discover new toy and game concepts, share and explore industry invention and innovation, and be the first to pick up the products / ideas that work for you!  This is a unique opportunity for all professionals with interest in the industry to build relationships in a relaxed, but idea-charged atmosphere! In addition, our agenda offers priceless insights from industry-leading practitioners on how to improve and increase your business. 

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Highlights From Business of Play

At T&GCon, Randall Hoyt pitches his game "Turnpike" to publishers. Used by permission of Grandfather Films.

I just licensed BrainSpin to Winning Moves! I learned so much at T&GCon 2014 and ChiTAG and could not have gotten this deal without the work you do supporting newbies like me. It was at ChiTAG that I came to understand the value of licensing versus self-publishing; that I learned the important terms, conditions and gray areas of legal deals; that I met a Hasbro executive and played my game with him (he later connected me with Winning Moves); that I talked with a colleague of his, who kindly offered his advice on who to work with and what I could expect in a deal; and that I boosted my credibility by selling more than a hundred copies of BrainSpin at the Fair. Thank you so much!
— Frankie Abralind
I visited Chicago‘s ChiTAG events for first time in 2012. During my career I have visited many game fairs and gatherings from Japan to Europe. But ChiTAG was absolutely different from my other experiences. People shared ideas, networked with other people and inspired each other. ChiTAG was different with an unique program for inventors, great storytelling with fashion show or by industry leaders. Days passed by so fast in Chicago, but I met many good people and made many new business opportunities. I visited again in 2013 and there was Philip Sheppard, a cellist, playing at keynote?! It was WOW! I talk about ChiTAG whenever I meet Korean inventors or companies in Korea. I hope we can have this kind of event in Seoul, Korea.
— Kevin Kim, Korea Board Games
Looking forward to Chicago Toy & Game Week again this year. Wouldn’t miss it! We picked up 2 great concepts last year at the Inventor Conferences that will be launched this Fall!
— Emile Kalis, Identity Games International BV, The Netherlands
T&GCon was first class - ample venue, fine food/beverage, well-credentialed speakers, awards dinner, impressive and well-connected industry execs attending. Your event far exceeded my expectations! A great experience! The face-to-face contact with industry folks is invaluable. I heartily recommend this for anyone hoping to break into the business. Even if a person does not find the news to be good about their proposed toy or game, then they at least know that they gave themselves the very best chance for success. Thanks to T&GCon 2013, my game “Choice Words” was picked up by MindWare.
— Bob Kamp
We launched in 2012... We went to a Toy Show, and it happened to be the Chicago Toy Fair, and within the first hour we got offered a license agreement.
— Dustin "Red Dragon" Berk, Ninja Cards on Shark Tank Week 2, 2014
My first I-Spi and T&GCon was a fantastic experience. I was deeply impressed by the warm atmosphere and the smooth execution of the large scale event. So many great companies were represented, and we thoroughly enjoyed connecting with talented new people and seeing familiar faces. The well selected speakers captivated the entire audience, whether you were a game inventor, marketing guru, or running a board game company like myself. We cannot thank Mary Couzin enough for gathering the game industry every year for an invaluable exchange of ideas!
— Julien Mayot, CEO, Blue Orange Games