Inventors & Small Publishers

 "Thanks for making my first official inventors experience an awesome one. I could not have asked for a more productive use of time or better group of industry experts to learn from and meet.- Marc Cooper, Doodle Roll

 "T&GCon was an amazing experience. It was energizing and informative, and not only did I learn a lot, but now have several projects being considered for licensing. What a fantastic event! Honestly, I loved the whole thing. I'd give top marks across the board.Patrick Matthews, Live Oak Games

"You can spend years trying to figure out the ropes of a new industry, or you can spend two days at T&GCon and meet those that know, listen to those that know, and then you can move forward with your idea. We listened. When we left we had orders and we had a vision. We went from being a nobody to a somebody. Thank you so much!- Bill Witt, Founder, Pajaggle, Inc

 "T&GCon was amazing and I highly recommend that any and all budding toy and game inventors invest in this opportunity to learn every aspect of the toy and game industry!  Not only do you get to network with the top experts in the industry, but you can get a one-on-one meeting to discuss "your" toy or game with them!  It's a rare and golden opportunity for toy and game inventors!- Barbara Jenkins, J Links Enterprise

"Thank you for putting on such a wonderful conference. It definitely exceeded my expectations! As someone who is interested in getting started in the game industry, I found this conference invaluable. The great variety of session topics and quality of presenters helped me gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks toy or game design is something they want to do.- John Berube

"Here at the TAGIE/CHITAG event the barriers between the big guys and little guys are completely removed.  My personal experience as a game developer was that everyone attending the event was specifically there to meet you.  The opportunities were absolutely priceless!- Ray Farrar, CEO/Founder, Ascended Games, Inc.

 "I had been trying over the last 6 months to figure out how and who to license my toy idea to (Evolvems reversible dino plush if you had a chance to see it on the table).  I got not only a ton of great info... but I think I made a deal yesterday with a great company, all through the network of folks who were generous enough to share their insight and make connections.  know there is some saying about chickens and hatching but regardless I think this is the best money I ever spent.Avram Kaufman , Evolvems

"I attended T&GCon and ChiTAG for the first time in 2012 as a newbie inventor looking to gain feedback on our party game, Schmovie. I received invaluable insights from seasoned industry folks and consumers alike, and we ended up making key changes to both our game play and box design as a result. I’m excited to return this year as we celebrate Schmovie’s official launch!"  - Bryan Wilson, Partner/Creative Director, Galactic Sneeze 


"This was a great experience and chance to meet some of the brightest inventors. We always come away with some new business and new friends. Things run smoothly and the atmosphere is very laid back. This event has always been a positive part of our marketing plans.- Juan Mendez, Ludo Fact GmbH

Inventor Relations

 "It's always a pleasure coming to Chicago for T&GCon.  For the attendees, it's a great opportunity to interface directly with some of the top folks in the toy biz and a perfect opportunity to get invaluable exposure for your game or toy invention.Benjamin Dermer, VP Inventor Relations, SpinMaster

 "For anyone interested in entering the wonderful toy and game business, either as an inventor or an entrepreneur, there is absolutely no better way to gather information and network with industry pros than to spend two days at T&GCon in Chicago in November.Mike Hirtle, Former head of Global Product Acquisition and Inventor Relations, Hasbro

"T&GCon is a must for anyone - inventors or company people - in the toy and game industry.  The information you'll learn and the networking is incredible. Mary Couzin is to be congratulated; there is nothing else like it in the world! As a relative newcomer to the toy and game industry, T&GCon was invaluable to me.- Tanya Thompson, Inventor Relations, Think Fun

"As the head of product design at Buffalo Games it's always important to speak to the gamers, inventors, and professionals in our industry – whether it's to get feedback, share ideas, or simply having fun playing games! I love spending time with fresh inventors, and giving feedback in a venue that allows them to ask questions that help shape their ideas. Buffalo Games looks forward to being part of the speaker panels as well as the Ask the Experts in the Inventor and Industry Programs. Thanks, again, for a fantastic event!" -  John Bell, Manager of Product Design, Buffalo Games, Inc

Retailers and Distributors

 "T&GCon was a great place to meet industry professionals and to meet some new inventors.  The panels were well done and we were able to learn from some of the best out there.Lindsay Gaskins, President/CEO, Marbles the Brain Store

 "I don't think I have learned more about the Toy Biz since?... ever. I didn't want it to end.- Carle Wunderlich, President, Best of Best Toys, Inc. 

This event makes me fall in love with the Toy & Game Industry each year!
— Megan Hinterman Kanous - Publisher Services, Inc.


 "In a very short time, T&GCon has turned itself into the event for any rising toy or game inventor who wants a real world education on how to bring their creation to market.- Richard Gottlieb,  World Congress of Play

"2010 was my fourth year speaking at T&GCon and I wouldn’t miss it – it is as valuable a networking event to me, as it is to the inventors attending! Mary and her team assemble some of the most talented people in the industry. It is like no other toy conference available. I am sure some the industry’s best, new ideas are being discussed and created throughout the conference events – we will just have to watch the toy shelves to see!- Tracy Dudkiewicz, TAP Marketing

"In two days companies such as Hasbro and Barnes and Noble covered everything from what the major retail buyers were looking for, how and why decisions were made, to how to save on manufacturing. This was topped only by the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the same experts allowing them to comment on our product and answer our questions. They were all very generous with their time and suggestions. T&GCon  is a must for anyone who wants to understand the toy and game industry or market their product. I came away from the event both professionally and personally enriched.- Gary Nolan, Inventarium