Robert Yusim

Robert Yusim, President of Product Counsel is the leading expert on DRTV in the Toy Industry & is credited for launching the DRTV craze in the Toy/Youth media space. Rob launched Spin Direct with Spin Master in 2006 and on an exclusive basis, helped Spin Master introduce and grow many brands through DRTV, including Moon Sand, Pixos, Bugville Butterfly (Live Butterfly Garden), Air Hogs (Havoc Heli, Zero Gravity & more) etc… Since 2011, Rob has worked with a number of other companies to help them launch their campaigns in the DRTV marketplace. Recent successes include Seatpets – The number 1 promoted plush of 2013; Kurio Android Tablets – Huge retail success!  Wubble Bubble Ball – the hottest toy DRTV campaign in 2014 & hottest toy in retail in 2015 and Zippysack, which is a huge TV success in 2015 and even bigger success at retail. Other current 2015 campaigns that have a significant retail presence include Pop Out Pets, Strand Bands, Y Fliker, 3D Magic 3D Maker, Storytime Theatre & more. In all Rob has launched hundreds of toy/kid directed campaigns in the US, Canada & UK. Rob also writes articles, published in Global Toy News & speaks at various conferences.