Phil Sage



A toy designer, tinkerer, technologist, and big bang inventor, Phil Sage is Hasbro’s Senior Director of Global Product Acquisition & Inventor Relations (a title not easily translated to Furbish). Phil’s inventive talents were visible at a young age: he hacked RC cars, extracting their motors, bonding plastic panels, fishing wire & 9-volt batteries … into elaborate masking tape-bound lawnmowers. His passion for rugby (a smash-tastic game played by gentlemen) fueled a steep learning curve in outdoor physical play, while digital curiosity, fired up via consoles including Commodore, SEGA, and Nintendo. This mash-up of interests indicated future career talents and certainly molded a unique Welshman! Later, Phil graduated with a first class honors science degree in Product Design from Swansea Metropolitan University and a Master of Design from Middlesex University, UK.

His early experiences laid the building blocks (wait for the pun) entering the industry with a position at LEGO in Denmark and, soon after, an Action Man-like journey … as part of Hasbro’s UK R&D engine room, working across all toy and game segments, all age groups, fusing technology and executing developments with global brand teams. Integral to futuring Hasbro’s business, he structured global technology acquisition from the bottom up, innovating new business models aligned with the glide-path of the industry. Relocating to Rhode Island, Phil refocused his energy towards wider networks, harnessing the true value of global innovators, experts and creative resources, empowering Hasbro in the process. His reward speaks volumes, delivering incremental growth, connecting the world’s best opportunities with Hasbro’s R&D & marketing partners … spicing up Hasbro’s future with the same passion, hands-on approach he used in his homemade lawnmower days.