Cheong Choon Ng: Five Q&As with the Inventor of Rainbow Loom

In 2011, Cheong Choon Ng invented the Rainbow Loom, a simple and addicting craft toy that lets you weave amazing creations with colorful rubber bands. The Rainbow Loom experience has taken the world by storm. It was sold more than 1.2 million units as of September 2013. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Heidi Klum and David Beckham have been photographed wearing the Rainbow Loom iconic bracelets. And Jimmy Kimmel even had a full suit made entirely out of the little bands!

However, that famous Jimmy Kimmel suit is about to have to share the spotlight… As a new Rainbow Loom look designed by Peach Carr – of Project Runway fame – is crafting a one-of-a-kind look for the playCHIC Fashion Show this year! 

You can meet up with Choon and the incredible Rainbow Loom team at the ChiTAG Fair this year. But, you don’t need to wait until November for a glimpse into the whimsical mind of this talented leader!

We have read that you were inspired to invent Rainbow Loom so that you could participate in creative craft play with your daughters, which we think is totally awesome. Do you and your daughters have a favorite Loom creation that you like to make?

We have made many creations in the past, but we will like to make the same old bracelets, particularly the "Fishtail" pattern bracelets.

One of the wonderful things about Rainbow Loom is that both girls and boys enjoy creating things with it. Why do you think Rainbow Loom has been so successful with both genders? 

Actually, I designed Rainbow Loom for me, so I'm not very surprise that boys like it, too.

The Rainbow Loom bracelet has become a global fashion phenomenon. What is it about these brightly colored rubber band creations that everyone from tweens to celebrities are sporting them?

I think the Rainbow Loom bracelet is an ideal gift. It has personal meaning because it is handmade by the giver.  

"Rainbow Loom" is such an evocative name! How did you come up with it? 

My brother (Yeow Ng) and his daughter (Angelynn Ng) came up with this name. I liked and picked the name because it means a rainbow ray of colors that kids would like.

If you could sit down and Loom with any three people from history, living or dead, who would you want to Loom with?

I would loom with Steve Jobs, President Obama and my mom (she is still alive but lives in Malaysia).